Initiation Phase

These Project Initiation Templates provide all of the project initiation documents needed to start up a project by giving you templates to create a business case, perform a feasibility study, define the project scope, recruit staff and create a project office.

Project Initiation Kit

    The Project Initiation Phase is the 1st phase in the Project Management Life Cycle, as it involves starting up a new project. You can start a new project by defining its objectives, scope, purpose and deliverables to be produced. You'll also hire your project team, setup the Project Office and review the project, to gain approval to begin the next phase.

    Overall, there are six key steps that you need to take to properly initiate a new project. These Project Initiation steps and their corresponding templates are shown in the following diagram. Click each link below, to learn how Method123 templates help you to initiate projects.

    This kit includes all (7) of the templates listed on this page.

    Project Proposal

      Use this project management template early in the Project Life Cycle to describe the project vision, timeframes and deliverables so that everyone is on the same page, knowing what has to be done and by when. It helps you identify all of the things that need to be done, to kick-off your project and deliver it successfully.


      Business Case

        Helps you with project start up by describing the business problem or opportunity, listing the alternative solutions, undertaking a cost / benefit analysis and selecting the preferred solution to be delivered by a Project.


        Feasibility Study

          Complete a Feasibility Study quickly and easily using this template to determine whether the alternative solutions you have identified are likely to satisfy the requirements of the customer. The feasibility of each alternative solution is ranked and scored to determine the overall feasibility result. Download this template to complete a Feasibility Study now.

          Project Charter

            Use this project management template to define the Project Charter for the project. The Project Charter describes the Project Vision, Objectives, Scope, Deliverables, Stakeholders, Roles, Responsibilities and Implementation Plans. Creating a detailed Project Charter is a critical part of any project.

            Project Charter Template

            Job Description

              Create a detailed Job Description for a Project Manager in minutes, using this pre-completed template. In fact you can use this template to create a Job Description for any role in your project or business, quickly and efficiently.

              Project Office Checklist

                This comprehensive checklist takes you through all of the steps needed to establish and operate a complete Project Office. It also helps you to review the Project Office environment on a regular basis to ensure that it's supporting the Project as required.

                Project Phase Review (Initiation)

                  At the end of the Initiation Phase, you need to review the performance of the project to date. Use this form to assess the current status of the Project Schedule, Expenses, Staffing, Deliverables, Risks and Issues for your project.