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Build Teams with Project Management Templates So you’re a Project Manager on a new project and you want to build a high performing team using project management templates? Excellent, this is a great goal to strive for. But it’s not easy, especially in the project environment which has its own challenges. To do it, take these tips for... Building high performing teams What exactly is a high performing team? It’s “a team that exceeds the goals you set, by working hard and smart, as a group, not individuals.” Whether you’re in IT, construction, engineering or another industry, building a high performing team is critical to success. You can do it in just 5 steps... 1) Planning Before you hire your first person, you need to document what it is that your team have to achieve and by when. You also need to create specific Job descriptions that set out your expectations for each role and how you’ll measure their performance. Don’t stop there. Think about the team culture you want to build, the dynamics of your team and how they should work together. Only with a personal vision for how your team will perform, will you be able to meet that goal. 2) Recruiting Recruitment is harder than it looks. It’s easy to recruit the wrong person, and it’s even easier to build a team that don’t perform well. A candidate should only be recruited if they fit the job description, align with your personal vision for how the team will work together and they want to work in a culture that depicts your vision. Take your time. Be swayed by your gut feel. Recruit “like-minded people”. Introduce them to high performing staff you know of and get their feedback. Be choosy. Recruit the best. If you have to pay top dollar for top performer, it will often cost less in the long run, than a cheap resource who doesn’t perform. 3) Culture Creation If you’ve hired “like-minded people” then they will all like each other, and that’s a great start. Get them working together on tasks. Constantly change the people you peer up, so that people get to know others in the team. If your ideal culture is “performance through achievement” then shout out loud about each team success. And if you want “performance through happy customers” then strengthen the relationship between the team and your customers. Get them socializing. Try team sports. 4) Self Motivation A happy motivated team will always out-perform an unhappy unmotivated one. And it starts with you! Are you happy and motivated? Get on track personally by working out, relaxing after hours, de-stress and set personal goals. Your motivation will rub off on your team. Then when you’re ready, focus on motivating your team. Use team building and group rallying exercises to get them pumped. Tell them how proud you are to work with them. Help them understand why the goals are important and how every team member contributes to them. 5) Recognition & Reward People only respond positively to positive behavior. So you need to constantly recognize achievement when it’s due. Tell the team about an individuals success. Make them feel proud. Spread the love—don’t focus on one team or person too frequently. And reward them when it’s due. Reward them unexpectedly as people will appreciate it all the more. Meals to restaurants, tickets to the super-bowl. These things mean a lot to staff when they didn't expect it! And there you are. If you plan for success, recruit a great team, build a positive culture and recognize achievement, then you’ll build a healthy project team and boost your chances of success! And if you want your team to perform even better, download the Project Management Templates Kit now to save time completing projects.

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